Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ETUDE HOUSE DEAR MY MILKY GLOSS MPK003 - STRAWBERRY MILK | 에뛰드 하우스 - 디어 마이 밀키글로스 - MPK003 스트로베리라떼

I've been looking for some natural, shimmer free glosses for a while and I think I've found my match in Etude House's Dear My Milky Gloss!

This was a gift from my mum as part of my birthday present, and it's a product I've been wanting to try out for a while.

I have the shade MPK003 스트로베리라떼 - or in English, Strawberry Milk- and that's exactly what it looks like! I feel like pouring tube after tube of this gloss into a glass and drinking it down with a few cookies- it looks so edible and yummy!

Strawberry Pink, like the other colours in the Milky Gloss range, is housed in a sturdy plastic tube with little decoration or fuss- yet it still manages to look so adorable. The applicator is a foamy doe-foot applicator in somewhat of a heart shape, which makes it easy to dispense the gloss onto the lips.

When I first swatched this on my hand, I was a little dissapointed in the texture- it felt really sticky and tacky- though I was pleasantly surprised that on the lips, the tackiness does not transfer and it feels totally smooth!

The colour is not too bold- it's a pale, bubblegum and totally girly pink that will probably suit most skintones as it pulls fairly neutral. It's perfect for layering over a similar pink coloured lipstick for a Barbie lip- I'm thinking MAC's Sunny Seoul! It lasts quite a bit- on me, around 2 1/2 hours without eating or drinking anything.

All in all, this is a pretty natural, sweet pink that will complement any kind of look, and one that I'll be using quite alot!

You can purchase this from BeautyNetKorea.Com for $7.60.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I've been dying to try out some sheet masks for ages but never really got round to getting some- well now I have! 

Innisfree's rice mask, from what I can read on the packaging, is effectively a brightening face mask that should leave you with soft, energised and bright skin.

This is what it looks like when it's on. It's a large, circular sheet made of a synthetic silk like fibre, with two eye-flaps, a nose-flap and a hole for the mouth. It's not itchy or slippery and adheres to the skin nicely, without any flyaway problems- though it did look pretty funny! ^^

I left the mask on for around 20 minutes- the packaging recommends 10~20 but if you had no time in the day, I don't see why you couldn't pop it on in bed. 

Essentially, it does what it says- it brightened up my skin nicely and made it much less dull, adding some moisture, too. My skin looked more even and smooth, too.

I purchased 7 of these masks from Beautynetkorea at £5.81 on sale, which is around £3.62. For 7 masks, that's not a bad deal!

I'd definitely recommend this mask for anyone with flat, dull skin like min that needs a bit of brightening once in a while. Perhaps it's not really an essential, but it does massivley make my skin look very healthy and awake!

Sunday, 3 November 2013


A few days ago, the item on the top of my shopping list was a CC cream. My skin is a combination of dry, dull and oily with a hanful of hormonal acne thrown in, and I wanted to see what a CC cream would do for my skin.
This is where Etude House's Correct & Care CC Cream - Glow comes in. It's supposed to have 8 functions:
-Stress relief 
-Sun Protection 
-Smooth texture
The cream itself is a white, slightly liquidy cream with little wax balls that are supposed to burst/melt on contact with the skin, blending with your skin colour. If you've got fair skin like me, then Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream should be a good match- but for darker skintones, this will probably show up really white and ghostlike, almost.
 On my skin, this was really too sheer- I've got alot to cover up and this didn't do much to help. On the other hand, It did leave my skin with a luminous, smooth texture and made it looked hydrated and toned, too. It also has SPF 30, which is a bonus! So that's 5 out of 8 so far!
As for the anti aging, stress relief (?) and whitening, I've got no comment. My skin is not old enough to really need any kind of anti-aging or stress relief- whatever that may be- and as for the whitening claims I haven't seen any long term whitening effects from the product.
If you've got smooth skin with few blemishes, that's maybe dry or combination type, this would be a great alternative to high coverage BB creams or foundations. If you've got combination, acne prone skin like me, it's definetly not to be used on it's own. I use this mixed in with my usual Holika Holika Petit BB in Clearing to give my skin a more dewy, alive finish.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall, it's not really an essential item in my daily routine, but it's a welcome and handy addition on days where my skin needs a little pick me up!

You can purchase the Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream - Glow from ebay seller f2plus1 for £8.13+free pp. They also have a website, which I just made a big order from- ! I've never had any problems with them, and they're my go-to sellers for Korean beauty products!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

KOREAN EBAY HAUL ^_^ + Italian goodies!

I recently aqquired a bit of money over the holidays, and decided to spend it on some things I've been lusting over for quite a while now. Nothing better than satisfying a lemming! 

I ordered all of these things from the eBay seller f2plus1- with the exception of the two Layla polishes which were bought by my aunt in Parma, Italy for around 10 Euro each. 

I actually placed another order with f2plus1 recently for another TONYMOLY lip gloss bar, and once again I have been super impressed by the shipping times coming from Korea to London and how easy it is to buy. Big thumbs up to them! 

They also include lots and lots of samples in their orders- I think it's around 2 per order. I love ordering Korean cosmetics not only for the awesome products but knowing I'm going to get lots of samples!
I'm sure you'll be seeing more hauls like this in the future! Reviews will be up soon ^^

Friday, 20 September 2013

Chubby Bunny! | TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar - #04 Juicy Cherry

I've been on a little spending spree recently, which mostly involved multiple brands of korean makeup and skincare, oops!
I've been lusting after the TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar for a while now, after seeing it pop up here and there on a couple of blogs- not to mention, the adorable colours and even cuter packaging! 

I ordered mine from the eBay seller f2plus1 for £3.44 + free shipping. It took 16 days to get to me, which for economy shipping from Korea is pretty fair! The gloss was tightly packed in a small box, wrapped in a foam covering to keep it safe. It also came with 2 free samples, as is custom with Korean sellers! Hooray!

On to the product itself. Not dissimilar to other gloss-stick products out there (Chubby Sticks, I'm looking at you)- the 2g of product comes housed in the form a twist up tube.  In the description, TONYMOLY promise to give you "soft baby lips with berry complex and vitamin E", while eliminating chapped lips.

It goes on smoothly with a soft, glossy sheen with a medium pigmentation. I'd describe the colour as a rich fuschia pink. As for the wear time, I got roughly 2 hours of this which faded to a soft pink stain. Think a slightly glossier, more pigmented Maybelline Baby Lips.

So, would I recommend it? Definetly! At £3.44 a pop you really can't go wrong- I've already put in another order for the Neon Orange shade! I'm super impressed with this little gem and I hope to delve deeper into TONYMOLY's range soon!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

And Let Me Kiss You! | One Direction / Harry Styles Lipstick

A secret I have kept hidden for a while now, guarded under lock and key in a safe far, far away- is that I'm a One Direction fan. Sorry Morrissey and Robert Smith, Noel Gallagher and Thom Yorke, I have failed you all by indulging myself into the bubblegum pop world of 1D. 

When it was first announced that One Direction were collaborating with MUA, I was a little skeptic. I mean, you wouldn't exactly see Zayn sporting a fetching pink lip on stage to match with Harry's eyeshadow, would you? Although it's probably just an excuse for their management to milk the band's money cow; the line still performs well and the colours are well thought out.
I picked up the most appealing shade to me, which was Harry's. It's a lovely, dark foiled pillarbox red which goes on in just one swipe of the tube. Usually, when paired with lipliner, this lasts around 4hours with no eating before I need to top it up.

So, not only am I a fan of One Direction themselves, I am also a fan of their makeup. I think I'll pick up one of their cheek tints next!

What do you think about One Direction's foray into the beauty world? Are you a fan?

You can pick this lipstick up, as well as the rest of the line, for a smooth £3 at most superdrug stores and at .

Monday, 26 August 2013

life in squares - instagram updates!

 wee little splurge at westfield!

 me and my two best friends in greenwich park!

 the amazing pond life at kew gardens

 one of the most gorgeous cats ever, kimi

 pendower beach in cornwall!

 st ives!

another snap of st ives.

Hello everyone!

How have you all been?
It's been a cracking summer for me so far. One of my best friends came up from Cornwall to stay with me and we did lots of fun things, like trawling Westfield Stratford City (and spending way too much money), lunching in the lush Greenwich Park and wandering around the massive Kew Gardens.

What was probably my favourite part of the summer holidays was travelling back to Cornwall with her. We spent most of the week lounging on the beach at Pendower, though on the last day we took the train up to St. Ives and made our way around the town and visited all of its beaches. I think the last picture resembles Ibiza more than it does England!

It was really refreshing to escape the city, but I'm glad I'm back (and with a stable Wifi connection). Expect some more posts soon!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

PUCKER UP! MUA Lipsticks Review & Swatches

MUA Lipsticks - £1

I have to admit, I was a bit dubious of MUA at the start- £1 makeup can't be very good, right?
Nevertheless, I have been converted and MUA have now become at home in my makeup bag!

I own a few of their lipsticks and these were two that I picked up recently. The first, shade 11, is a creamy, pink toned nude colour which is really, really creamy- I wouldn't twist this up too far as there's a risk of it snapping in half!

The second shade, shade 13, is a blue-based red with a satin finish. I love this with my Manic Panic lipliner, it's a classic shade and so smooth!

Sadly, in the wear time department they are no contender to my higher end shades. They both wore on me for around an hour and a half

I'd definetly reccomend these if you're looking for an affordable lippy and aren't too fussed about reapllying every now and then.


Sunday, 16 June 2013


A couple pictures I took at the MCM Comic Con in May.
Hellooooo everybody,

How have you all been?
My life has been clogged with exam upon exam recently, and I'm finally free! (until next term, that is.) I've done a few exciting things recently, like going to Oxford for a tour around the University; going to the MCM Comic Con, and going on a little touristy trip around London.

I'm looking forward to the summer holidays- 6 weeks of bliss! I'm planning on a short break to Cornwall to catch up with a dear friend, which will be the first time I'll be on holiday without my family, so that shall be exciting.

Holidays also leave time for makeup, shopping and fun! Speaking of which, what kind of content would you like to see on the blog? Reviews, tutorials, videos, style posts? I'm feeling a bit iffy over the content I post and I think it's time to switch it up a little. I'd love to start doing more lifestyle posts; too.

Tell us what you think!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

FIRE POUT! | Sleek Pout Paint in Lava

If anyone can tell me something fiercer than orange lips (apart from Beyonce, of course), then I will kiss your feet.

Okay, maybe not that far. But honestly, there is nothing that makes you look like a strong, independent and fierce woman than an orange lip. It's fiery, outspoken and bold!

This Sleek Pout Paint in Lava caught my eye on the little stand in my local Superdrug- I've been looking for an orange lip product for a while so I snapped this up.

I think this is meant for mixing with other colours in the range, but to be honest, it's gorgeous on its own. You only need a teeeeeeeeeensy bit on your brush, as a little goes a long way with this- It's really pigmented; though you can sheer it out!

It lasts around 3 hours on me without eating, and leaves a soft stain behind once it goes. This does settle into fine lines, though; and you'll need to exfoliate your lips beforehand so the product doesn't cling to any pesky dry patches.

Overall, this is brilliant- it hasn't left my makeup bag since I got it! I'm loving it; and can't wait to snatch up some more wild colours from the range!

Dare to be beautiful, ladies and gentlemen!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Follow on Bloglovin

If you're an avid reader of blogs like myself, you'll understand how hard it is to keep all of your favourite blogs organised- I've read through a blog many a time which I loved, but had no means of following- so I eventually lose track and forget about it.

A handy solution to this is Bloglovin! This nifty little website keeps all of your favourite blogs together on one page, no matter what the host/platform is. It's helped me keep track of my favourite blogs for ages now and means I never forget about any hidden gems, too.

You can follow DEATH BY LIPSTICK on Bloglovin by clicking the widget on the sidebar or on the picture above.

Happy Blogging!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

MAC Eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and Star Violet | Review & Swatches

MAC eyeshadows in Star Violet and Naked Lunch

MAC eyeshadows are yet another raved about product on the blogosphere, so I had to see what the fuss was all about!

I picked up two single pans in Naked Lunch and Star Violet, and a 2-pan MAC palette from the MAC store in Westfield Stratford.
Star Violet is a Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow, so it has a lovely shimmer to it. The colour is a slightly plummy pink, with some cranberry tones. It goes really well with green eyes! This lasted around 3 hours on my eyelids before it began to crease.
Naked Lunch is one I picked up due to it being reccomended by Essie from Essiebutton! It's a gorgeous pale pink frost which is great for highlighting the browbone and inner corner.

My first impressions were good- both shadows are pigmented and wear well, but I'm dubious to as if they're worth the £10 pricetag per pan; or £12 if you want to buy it packaged. For such a high price, they're pretty average and nothing special, so I'd say they aren't worth the constant hype but I'm still happy with the way they performed.

You can buy MAC eyeshadows in MAC stores, counters and on the MAC website here for £10 a pan or £12 for the single shadows.

Friday, 5 April 2013


all images from pinterest

I've just booked a well-needed hair appointment to sort out my disastrous locks, and me-oh-my am I looking forwards to it! 

My hair has definitely been through a lot of turmoil, with all the various colorants and heat that I've inflicted on it over the years, so I think a good old chop is well due. Surprisingly, there is still hair sprouting from my scalp (just about!) and I have taken the desicion to get most of it chopped off.

When I was younger, my hair was a beautiful chesnut brown, which cascaded down to my bum. As the silly little thing I was, I decided it would be a GREAT idea to convince my mum to let me chop it all off- and I've regretted it ever since, as I have never been able to get it back to that length since.

I have lost all hope and given up completely- my hair is a frizzy mess with split ends galore. There is no other option but to, once again, get it all cut off. My muse in this quest? None other than the beautiful Ms. Alexa Chung. Her hair is always perfect, whether it's in a messy bob or a fringed affair. I love her.

I've decided on a mid-length bob affair, with quite loose layers and room for me to grow my fringe out without looking like a prat. I would also like a "do" that I don't have to tamper with very much, just run a hairbrush through it once in a while and be done with it, and I feel the chosen style would reflect just that.

I'll leave you with these lovely photos, and the growing anticipation that maybe, just maybe, my hair will not look like a treacherous brown haystack come Saturday afternoon!

Who is your hair inspiration, or do you not have one? Comment below!

Thursday, 4 April 2013


A few items I've been lusting after for the spring/summer seasons (although it's questionable whether we'll actually see the summer here in England).

As you can probably tell, I'm absolutley loving the 90's revival! I'm loving jelly sandals at the moment, they remind me of the cheapo ones my mum bought for me back in the early 2000's at Southend!

What items do you have on your S/S wishlist?

My Hair Essentials.

Just a quick post to summarise a few of my latest hair loves!

1.) Superdrug "Expertise" Heat Defence Spray
Everyone needs a good heat defense spray, I don't know what I'd do without one! This is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill heat protectant, there is nothing especially fantastic about it, other than that it does its job good enough!

2.) Superdrug "Expertise"Anti-Frizz Serum
This is a bit of a saviour product for me. The ears of carnage inflicted on my hair have left it fairly frizzy (and generally unpleasant to look at)... By slapping this on when my hair is damp I find it's a lot less frizzy, much more smooth and looks a lot healthier. Laaavley!

3.) V05 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray
Gotta love a texturiser! When my hair is feeling bland and in need of some "umph", this is my favorite thing to use! I spray this into the palm of my hands, before using my hands to run through my hair, adding some (much-needed) volume and bucketloads of sass. (Yes, sass.)

4.) Batiste Dry Shampoo
OH DRY SHAMPOO, HOW I LOVE YOU. Seriously, I love this stuff. I only very recently purchased this, and boy, am I glad I did! This is SUCH a lifesaver in those mornings where you have zero time for anything; magically reducing those god-awful greasy roots into a lovely, matte and grease-free finish! I love this stuff, love it love it love it!

I have an abundance of other hairsprays, oils and shampoos I'd love to write about, but this would make this post even more dull than it already is- so I'll save those for another time. These are just some of my favorite products I've been using recently.

You can purchase these products from most well-stocked Superdrug stores!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ooh, baby baby! | Maybelline Baby Lips Review!

Maybelline Baby Lips have been a bit hit-and-miss in the beauty world, some saying they're just not worth the time and money; whilst others adore them!

This gem was sent to me by my American friend Jade, and ever since it has arrived it has never left my side!

I have the shade "Grape Vine", which looks like a very grape-y purple in the tube, yet swatches as a sheer violet shade. When on the lips, it's more of a natural looking soft pinky-mauve.

It's a moisturising lip balm, so there's no need to slap on any balms or scrubs- though it's always nice to start with a smooth canvas. It's not too slippery, yet I find it provides the perfect amount of sheen to look fairly natural on my lips.

My verdict? As you can probably guess, I'm in love- It adds a lovely sheeny color, it keeps flaky lips at bay and it's got a fairly low price point if you live in the US- Maybelline, I'm impressed!

If you live in the US you can buy this in most drugstores, whereas in the UK these are slightly trickier to find- though you can order them from ebay HERE.

Purple Bow Tie