Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sugarpill Chromalust - Decora

sugarpill chromalust in dollipop- lips and eyes.
 Sugarpill is a brand that has always been on my radar; I've always lusted after their products but never had the chance to get any. Sugarpill was started back in 2005 by the beautiful Amy/Shrinkle and since their debut in 2010 they have been a huge hit in the beauty world!

I picked this up on a trip to Cyberdog in Camden- originally I wanted to get the pressed shadow in Dollipop, but this caught my eye instead!

This is Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow in Decora, and me oh my is it pretty! Decora is a bright, bubblegum pink laced with a gorgeous blue shimmer.

Believe me when I say this- I have EXTREMELY oily eyelids- I won't even get 2hours decent wear of  an eyeshadow without primer. However, this lasted around 5hours on me without creasing- I don't know if it's special fairy magic powers or just the product itself, but I was so surprised for this to last on me!

I'd 100% reccomend these stunning little pots bursting with prettiness, sparkles and joy- there's about a gazillion more colours on my "need" list now!

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