Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ooh, baby baby! | Maybelline Baby Lips Review!

Maybelline Baby Lips have been a bit hit-and-miss in the beauty world, some saying they're just not worth the time and money; whilst others adore them!

This gem was sent to me by my American friend Jade, and ever since it has arrived it has never left my side!

I have the shade "Grape Vine", which looks like a very grape-y purple in the tube, yet swatches as a sheer violet shade. When on the lips, it's more of a natural looking soft pinky-mauve.

It's a moisturising lip balm, so there's no need to slap on any balms or scrubs- though it's always nice to start with a smooth canvas. It's not too slippery, yet I find it provides the perfect amount of sheen to look fairly natural on my lips.

My verdict? As you can probably guess, I'm in love- It adds a lovely sheeny color, it keeps flaky lips at bay and it's got a fairly low price point if you live in the US- Maybelline, I'm impressed!

If you live in the US you can buy this in most drugstores, whereas in the UK these are slightly trickier to find- though you can order them from ebay HERE.


  1. Great post I have been wanting to try this for so long D: but sadly its not available in the UK :'( but tempted to buy from amazon haha, great blog! x

    1. They are lovely, although they're not the most pigmented of products! xx


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