Tuesday, 27 August 2013

And Let Me Kiss You! | One Direction / Harry Styles Lipstick

A secret I have kept hidden for a while now, guarded under lock and key in a safe far, far away- is that I'm a One Direction fan. Sorry Morrissey and Robert Smith, Noel Gallagher and Thom Yorke, I have failed you all by indulging myself into the bubblegum pop world of 1D. 

When it was first announced that One Direction were collaborating with MUA, I was a little skeptic. I mean, you wouldn't exactly see Zayn sporting a fetching pink lip on stage to match with Harry's eyeshadow, would you? Although it's probably just an excuse for their management to milk the band's money cow; the line still performs well and the colours are well thought out.
I picked up the most appealing shade to me, which was Harry's. It's a lovely, dark foiled pillarbox red which goes on in just one swipe of the tube. Usually, when paired with lipliner, this lasts around 4hours with no eating before I need to top it up.

So, not only am I a fan of One Direction themselves, I am also a fan of their makeup. I think I'll pick up one of their cheek tints next!

What do you think about One Direction's foray into the beauty world? Are you a fan?

You can pick this lipstick up, as well as the rest of the line, for a smooth £3 at most superdrug stores and at superdrug.com .

Monday, 26 August 2013

life in squares - instagram updates!

 wee little splurge at westfield!

 me and my two best friends in greenwich park!

 the amazing pond life at kew gardens

 one of the most gorgeous cats ever, kimi

 pendower beach in cornwall!

 st ives!

another snap of st ives.

Hello everyone!

How have you all been?
It's been a cracking summer for me so far. One of my best friends came up from Cornwall to stay with me and we did lots of fun things, like trawling Westfield Stratford City (and spending way too much money), lunching in the lush Greenwich Park and wandering around the massive Kew Gardens.

What was probably my favourite part of the summer holidays was travelling back to Cornwall with her. We spent most of the week lounging on the beach at Pendower, though on the last day we took the train up to St. Ives and made our way around the town and visited all of its beaches. I think the last picture resembles Ibiza more than it does England!

It was really refreshing to escape the city, but I'm glad I'm back (and with a stable Wifi connection). Expect some more posts soon!

Purple Bow Tie