Friday, 20 September 2013

Chubby Bunny! | TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar - #04 Juicy Cherry

I've been on a little spending spree recently, which mostly involved multiple brands of korean makeup and skincare, oops!
I've been lusting after the TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar for a while now, after seeing it pop up here and there on a couple of blogs- not to mention, the adorable colours and even cuter packaging! 

I ordered mine from the eBay seller f2plus1 for £3.44 + free shipping. It took 16 days to get to me, which for economy shipping from Korea is pretty fair! The gloss was tightly packed in a small box, wrapped in a foam covering to keep it safe. It also came with 2 free samples, as is custom with Korean sellers! Hooray!

On to the product itself. Not dissimilar to other gloss-stick products out there (Chubby Sticks, I'm looking at you)- the 2g of product comes housed in the form a twist up tube.  In the description, TONYMOLY promise to give you "soft baby lips with berry complex and vitamin E", while eliminating chapped lips.

It goes on smoothly with a soft, glossy sheen with a medium pigmentation. I'd describe the colour as a rich fuschia pink. As for the wear time, I got roughly 2 hours of this which faded to a soft pink stain. Think a slightly glossier, more pigmented Maybelline Baby Lips.

So, would I recommend it? Definetly! At £3.44 a pop you really can't go wrong- I've already put in another order for the Neon Orange shade! I'm super impressed with this little gem and I hope to delve deeper into TONYMOLY's range soon!

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