Sunday, 6 October 2013

KOREAN EBAY HAUL ^_^ + Italian goodies!

I recently aqquired a bit of money over the holidays, and decided to spend it on some things I've been lusting over for quite a while now. Nothing better than satisfying a lemming! 

I ordered all of these things from the eBay seller f2plus1- with the exception of the two Layla polishes which were bought by my aunt in Parma, Italy for around 10 Euro each. 

I actually placed another order with f2plus1 recently for another TONYMOLY lip gloss bar, and once again I have been super impressed by the shipping times coming from Korea to London and how easy it is to buy. Big thumbs up to them! 

They also include lots and lots of samples in their orders- I think it's around 2 per order. I love ordering Korean cosmetics not only for the awesome products but knowing I'm going to get lots of samples!
I'm sure you'll be seeing more hauls like this in the future! Reviews will be up soon ^^


  1. Wow I'm so glad I came across your blog! I found you on the #bbloggers page because I found your URL name interesting and hope that would translate in your posts and IT HAS! I have already followed you using my google+ account :3 I really love seeing korean beauty products as they seem rather intriguing and also very adorable! I am looking into the holographic nail polish right now as it looks AWESOME, and also the Macaron lip balm is adorable omg. But anyways on a more personal and welcoming level. I'm a new blogger and therefore don't even know if you are yet able to follow my blog, as my blog is super messy right now, but I hope you could possibly give my page a little look and possibly follow me back? if the follow link is not working I have linked lots of other widgets in which I use! I am sorry to ask and also comment this however I would love to keep in touch as I really am enjoying reading your blog, Best wishes and keep posting awesome content! x x x


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