Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I've been dying to try out some sheet masks for ages but never really got round to getting some- well now I have! 

Innisfree's rice mask, from what I can read on the packaging, is effectively a brightening face mask that should leave you with soft, energised and bright skin.

This is what it looks like when it's on. It's a large, circular sheet made of a synthetic silk like fibre, with two eye-flaps, a nose-flap and a hole for the mouth. It's not itchy or slippery and adheres to the skin nicely, without any flyaway problems- though it did look pretty funny! ^^

I left the mask on for around 20 minutes- the packaging recommends 10~20 but if you had no time in the day, I don't see why you couldn't pop it on in bed. 

Essentially, it does what it says- it brightened up my skin nicely and made it much less dull, adding some moisture, too. My skin looked more even and smooth, too.

I purchased 7 of these masks from Beautynetkorea at £5.81 on sale, which is around £3.62. For 7 masks, that's not a bad deal!

I'd definitely recommend this mask for anyone with flat, dull skin like min that needs a bit of brightening once in a while. Perhaps it's not really an essential, but it does massivley make my skin look very healthy and awake!

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