Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have to give it to Etude House right now, as far as being a trend concious fashionable brand, they are spot on recently! I am really loving their ongoing transformation from cutesy, pink packaging to more sleek and mature packaging, with really on-trend products. So, when I saw the release of the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint 5th Anniversary tints, I had to pick one up, in none other colour than the on-trend "radiant orchid"-esque @PP501 Cherry Lavender".  

 As you can see, the outer packaging of the new tint has a sleeker, matte finish with an overall more"grown up" vibe, though still retaining Etude's trademark cuteness. Also, I am super big fan of the illustrations dotted around the box. I can't be the only one squealing at just how adorable the packaging is, right? The little cake, the cherry-hearts and the little stripy border alongside the colourful bunting? Etude, you know how to please a girl. I'm kind of hoping they keep the packaging like this because it's SO much nicer than the older version!

etude house fresh cherry tint pp501 cherry lavender - one swipe / blended out/ two layers

As for the tint itself, it is a lovely bright, yet soft violet that, on the skin, is a more lavender toned pink. I haven't got the actual Benefit Lollitint itself, but from the looks of things the two are pretty similar- so if you want a cheaper, and much cuter alternative look no further than Etude House's offering! Ooh Etude, you so sneaky!
The consistency is somewhat a thick liquid that is really easy to maneuver about the lips, going on with a slight sheen yet drying down to a more natural matte finish after a few minutes. I find it easiest to apply with the little doe-foot provided and blot, before adding another layer for vibrancy afterwards. It does stay on for ages- we're looking around 3 hours here- before it shows any sign of wear!

etude house fresh cherry tints= pk001 cherry pink / pp501 cherry lavender / rd301 cherry red

For comparison, here is Cherry Lavender alongside the two other Fresh Cherry Tint's I own- PK001 Cherry Pink and RD301 Cherry Red. As you can see, compared to Cherry Pink, Cherry Lavender stains quite well but perhaps is not as vibrant as it's red counterpart. 

I'd give the tint:


I'm a absolute fan. I'm in love with the colour, the formula and the new packaging. I'm hoping to order OR202 Cherry Coral, which is probably another sneaky dupe for Benefit's Cha-Cha tint!
Etude, you got me good this time!

You can snap up one of these yourself at for $6.21!
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