Tuesday, 22 July 2014


The Aritaum "Mono Eyes" line has been extremely popular with the bloggers
in Korea, however have failed to make an impact on the international blog
scene... I was intrigued!

I have two shades from the range, no.45 "metal brown" and no.44 "metal gold".
Both of these shadows have a weird texture that I've never seen before
in any kind of shadow- the pigments are not pressed into the pan flat,
however left in chunks of shadow that makes it a pain in the ass to pick up on
a brush, and also more susceptible to damage. At first, I actually mistook the
chunks of shadow for actual huge pieces of glitter- albeit they are extremely 
vivid and amazingly pigmented when used with the fingers. Weeeeeeird.

One thing I do have to say is that even though they are really pigmented,
the lasting power is absolutely crap. Maybe it's because of my junked up
eyelids that are oily and folded in all the wrong places, but this doesn't
last all too well on me. On my hand, it won't budge- but when it comes to 
actual application on the lids these will fade to a glittery residue in around
2 hours.

I got these in Korea for 5000 won (around $5, maybe £3 or so), which is
extremely good value for money. The pigmentation of the shadows were definitely 
not compromised alongside the price, however, the packaging was. Although the
packaging looks almost identical to that of MAC single eyeshadows, the plastic
is a lot more flimsy and "cheaper looking" after close inspection. Also, as
you can see with no.45, the little clear window popped out and was taped back
on by the aritaum staff- not that I have a problem with the tape or anything,
but it's so inconvenient when the lid decides to self destruct. Judging by the
reviews over in Korea, it seems many others seem to have the same problem 
too. :( 

So, am I a fan?
I have to admit I am still on the fence with these. Yes, they don't last, the 
packaging can be a problem and the texture is not the best for brushes, but
they're really soft and look amazing in the mornings when I want a quick and
easy shadow fix, or for an event or night out.
Would I buy them again? Probably. 

You can buy these on Twofacemall for $8.50.

I'm a super big fan of Aritaum and I think they're super underrated- so if you have
the chance to check them out then you should!

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